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 The rules and shit

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PostSubject: The rules and shit   Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:16 am

1. Be respectful of everyone. No flaming or harassment.

2. Stick to roleplaying your own character. You have control of his or her actions and immediate, non-consequential environment. You do not have control of what other roleplayers say and do. Refrain from speaking for your fellows.

3. Represent your champion to the best of your abilities. Familiarize yourself with the things they say and do, their goals, ambitions and idiosyncracies. Do your best to portray them. In the same vein, make sure your OCs fit in well with the canon world.

4. When planning events that will have a significant impact on many characters of our world, be sure to talk to your respective partners first to maintain continuity across the forum.

5. For optimal immersion, maintain the 4th wall. Consider that your character does not know everything you do and should act in accordance with his or her limited knowledge. Never use OOC knowledge to your IC benefit.

6. We strive to maintain a drama-free community. Please resolve interpersonal conflicts in private. And do not hesitate to bring your concerns and suggestions to Eden so she can dish out a can of chill the fuck down.

7. Take pride in what you do. Post well and post often. And have fun doing so. I command it!
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The rules and shit
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